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CMA has approved our request to cancel the licenses

Rana Investment Company has requested the Capital Market Authority to cancel its authorization to conduct the securities business of Dealing as Principal, an Underwriter, Managing Investment Funds, Discretionary Portfolio Management, Arranging, Advising and Custody.

The CMA Board of Commissioners issued a resolution on 23rd Oct, 2017 to approve the cancellation of the authorization for Rana Investment Company, based on its request. (https://cma.org.sa/en/Market/NEWS/Pages/CMA_N_2306.aspx)

Announcement by Rana Investment Company about the Termination and the Liquidation Period of Rana Saudi Equity Fund

Rana Investment Company announces the Termination of Rana Saudi Equity Fund on the closing date (22/06/2017). The fund will be liquidated and the investment amounts will be distributed to the unit holders within a period of two weeks from the closing date of the fund.